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I'm a vegetarian: more specifically an ovo-lacto vegetarian. This is a pretty simple concept that quite a lot of people seem to not understand.

Vegetarians don't eat meat or fish. They do eat eggs and drink milk. The people who don't eat eggs and drink milk are called vegans. The people who don't eat meat but do eat fish are called pescatarians.

My vegetarianism is not actually too fussy because it is based solely on aesthetic preference: I just don't like eating meat. Moral and environmental objections are not the reason I'm vegetarian: because I'm a vegetarian for non-moral reasons, I avoid the whole question of the morality of meat-eating much as, say, a celibate person doesn't have to worry about the ethics of polygamous relationships.

My non-fussy, non-moral vegetarianism means that I don't get too bothered by things like animal rennets in cheese or gelatine in sweets. But fried chicken and steaks? No thanks.

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