House Rules

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Forked from Tantek's House Rules.

  1. No smoking. If you wish to smoke, I can show you an area outside where you can smoke. If it's raining, there's a covered area nearby where you can smoke.
  2. Leave any illegal substances you enjoy at home.
  3. Take shoes off before going downstairs.
  4. I don't want my place to be on Foursquare. Please don't post anything on publicly-viewable social media sites with geolocation enabled. I have friends and acquaintances who have crazy internet stalkers. I don't want to end up getting the same treatment. If I find geolocation tagged social media posts, I may quietly ask you to remove them.
  5. If you let untrustworthy people into my place, neither of you will be welcome back.
  6. No more drama. There's enough drama; leave it outside.
  7. When leaving, do so peacefully and quietly, with consideration to my neighbours.
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